Hi, I'm Rupert.

I'm a technologist, designer, and musician from Sydney. I'm interested in emerging technologies and their impact on human culture. I formerly worked at Google's Creative Lab.

What I'm doing

  • Building secret speculative projects with Google and Heyday (shh!)
  • Leading an investigation on the future of AI in the music industry
  • Helping out with an Indigenous AI incubator hosted by Old Ways New

I currently have available freelance slots. You can hire me to prototype that cool new thing you want to make, or build that website. Maybe we can explore a big thorny question about technology, where it's headed, and what you're going to do about it (workshops, ideation, prototypes & speculative design).

Contact Me

Email me at hello@rupert.cloud, tweet me @rupert_parry.

Subscribe to my newsletter and you'll receive my short, occasional thoughts on things like how we should be building technology that emulates the natural world (not cold glass screens).

Some past projects

I've also built handsome websites, a charity fintech startup, AI-powered chatbots & virtual assistants, a tattoo that turns into an augmented-reality dinosaur, electronic art installations, and a tiny website that tells you where to get a damn cheap oyster.